About us

The legal practice of ERGO LEX Partnership of Gorlewicz. ZajÄ…czkowski and Partners provides comprehensive corporate legal services, in particular for commercial companies including those with foreign capital. As a team we have great experience in conducting largest investment processes as well as corporeal entities with large organizational structure. The attorneys at our Firm also accommodate the needs of individual non-corporate clients by providing them too with legal advice.

Thorough understanding of cases and projects worked on stems from knowledge based on years of experience. Together with professional approach towards the problems of our clients constitutes our guarantee of the highest quality of services provided by our Firm.
What makes us stand out

Qualities, which distinguish us on the legal services market:

- We only accept cases, with which we have expertise and are familiar with,
- All cases commissioned by our Clients are always treated individually,
- Our attorneys s are professionals who continuously perfect their intellectual and experience expertise as well as expand their knowledge on ongoing basis,

- We are reliable and always fully engage in each case we are entrusted with.


In providing legal assistance we abide by the rule that for us the legal security of our Clients is of the highest value.